The ultimate guide to social bookmarking in SEO

So, bookmarking improves my websites search engine rank? Yes, a great deal. But what then is bookmarking? How is social bookmarking for SEO done? Okay, whether you are a DIY or professional SEO, by the time you are done with this guide, you shall be ready to improve your website’s SEO through social bookmarking. Let’s get ranking.

What is social bookmarking in SEO?

You have most probably bookmarked a web-page in your browser. That interesting web page that you ‘bookmarked’ on the browser is simply what social bookmarking is, only that this time, you are saving your favorite web pages on a web-based tool specially meant for this purpose. By social bookmarking, you get your favorite pages on the cloud, kind-of the way you save files on drive and can access them and share them any where.

So what is the advantage of bookmarking on SEO?

  • • You’ve heard about backlinks? They are ‘tough’ to obtain right? Not after knowing bookmarking, it is the fastest and easiest way to gain active relevant backlinks to your website. To improve on the relevancy of your traffic, be sure to add a little information about the content of your bookmarked link.
  • • Social bookmarking improves your websites online presence. The result is a higher ranking in your relevant targeted keywords on the search engine. So you gradually increase your SERP in your relevant keywords.
  • • Bookmarks gets you quality targeted traffic to your website. For instance, you have a bookmark for a health solution shared on an online bookmarking tool, someone who lands on such website, since they obviously shall be trusted and ranking higher, shall find your short explanatory info and click your bookmark to finally land on your website. As you realize, this is high quality traffic with very high probability of converting. Well, that’s how much Bookmarking can go in redirecting high quality leads to your website.
  • • Reduction in bounce rate since you shall receive more targeted traffic as explained earlier.

Is social bookmarking effective for SEO?

Social bookmarking is one of the best proven white-hat SEO link generating strategies. With social bookmarking, you get, a quality back link, traffic, online presence & authority, a higher SERP and resultant search engine traffic. So, yes, go for it, you won’t regret in the long run.
What are the common social bookmarking tools?

We have used this sites with great success. Check out the list.

  • • Reddit
  • • Twitter
  • • Pinterest
  • • Facebook
  • • Diigo
  • • Stumbleupon
  • • Tumblr
  • • Newsvine
  • • Delicious
  • • Newsvine
  • • Digg
  • • And many many others.


Social bookmarking in SEO is one among the many actions that elevate your website in authority, SERP and quality targeted traffic. It’s that easy with our expertise over here. Please, let us know what thoughts in the comment section. Don’t to forget that sharing is caring, best wishes.

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