Knowing your rights in any situation protects you from manipulation. It is important to know your rights as a tenant so that in case of any arising issue between you and your landowner, you shall know the safe way to handle it. From the period of searching, to the period of moving in, staying and finally moving out, these are your rights as a tenant in Kenya.

Rights of a tenant when searching for property in Kenya

When searching for property to rent, you should be aware of the below rights.

1.Right against discrimination

When searching for a house to rent, you should know that you have the right to settle at any place no matter your gander, religion, political views and family. Some landlords gauge wether you shall be able to pay rent, sometimes you might be asked to pay more because you have kids, or others can deny you a house just because you aren’t married. Neither of these and the many other discrimination out there is justified, it’s against the tenants rights.

Rights of a tenant when moving into a house

Rights of a tenant when moving in

During the process of moving into a house, the following are your rights.

1.Right to privacy

Immediately after moving in, the rented space becomes your private place. The landlord cannot enter or do anything within your house without your permission. However, there are exceptions to this, such as emergencies like fire.

2. Right for a habitable house

Before you move into a house, it should be habitable and void of any shouting issues. For instance, if there is a problem with the plumbing, wiring and so on, your landlord should fix it first before you settle. This shall avoid future misunderstanding also.

3.Right to safety

It is your right to live in a safe house. It is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that your house is secure and lockable, theseight extend to the compound and gates. In case you need to reinforce the locking mechanism, you are free to do so for the best interest of your security.

4. Right to maintainance

In case of any breakages or issues with the house, you have the right to get them sorted out by the landlord. Inform them and ask for repair and maintainance. It is important that major maintainance and repair be done by the landlord to avoid losing your deposit money.

Rights of a tenant when moving out

Rights of a tenant when moving out

1.Right to be informed of the cause of eviction

In case you are moving out following eviction by your landlord, you have the right to know the cause of eviction. Also, the landlord should serve you a notice to allow you time to prepare and leave, it should not be instant. You can also petition the reason of eviction, especially if they do not appear in the agreement.

2.Rights to be refunded your deposit

Once you move out, it’s your right to get your deposit money back. Depending on the signed agreement with your landlord it might be immediate or take the prescribed time. If your landlord claims part of the deposit money, it is your right to be informed the reason and nature of spending of the missing amount.

3.Right to end your lease agreement

In case you are not happy with the place or condition or your landlord, you are always free to move out. You only need to serve a notice to your landlord noting that you intend to end your lease agreement. You should not be forced to stay at any place and have a right to have your request approved and the moving out process initiated.

These are your rights as a tenant in Kenya

The above are your right as a tenant in Kenya. Always take care especially when moving into the house, ensure everything is in order. In case of any issues, let your landlord repair first before you settle to avoid future liability. Remember, you are the one paying rent, therefore, you need a quality place, condusive environment and peace of mind as a tenant.

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