Top 10 Best eSports Teams WorldWide in 2022

Team LiquidNetherlands
Cloud 9United States
Evil GeniusesUnited States
FnaticUnited Kingdowm
FaZe ClanUnited States
Team VitalityFrance
Team SolomidUSA
100 ThievesUSA
Team SecretEurope
Top 10 Best eSports Teams WorldWide in 2022

Due to the rapid tech development and the internet evolution in the past decades, the Gaming industry has grown like never before. Today we are going to outline the top 10 best eSports teams worldwide in 2022.

As the Gaming industry is growing, some individuals have become popular for their experience and top performance in tournaments and global competitions in the field. This has even led to the rise of a fan nase since many people love to watch and enjoy these eSports competitions.

Players from different countries have joined hands to found eSports teams that compete against other teams from different nations. Some groups have competed and won major tournaments thus earning Gaming sponsorships and Cash prizes in the online competitions.
Best e-sports teams

Which is the Best eSports Team in the World?

Currently, the best eSports team 2022 is the Team Liquid which has proven to be outstanding in various eGames and competitions. This Netherlands team and other teams like OG, Cloud9 and  other teams have managed to stay at the top for quite some time now. Let’s take a look at the eSports teams in details for more!

1. Team Liquid
The eSports Team Liquid was launched in 2000, in Netherlands. Team Liquid is the top eSports gaming team known best for their performance in games like Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II.

Best eSports Teams WorldWide

The team has participated in more than 1968 tournaments, earning a total of 37 Million USD overall. Team Liquid has not only participated in the most number of tournaments, but also earned the highest prize money from the competitions compared to other teams.

The team is also popular on social media with a following of 800,000 on Facebook and 700K on twitter. The team has big sponsorships from Honda, Monster Energy, Twitch, and Alienware.

2. OG
Coming second is the OG eSports team which was founded in 2015, in Ukraine. The team comes second in our Top 10 Best eSports Teams WorldWide in 2022. It has proven to be succesful team especially in Dota 2. OG has worn competition and tournament cash prizes worth over 34 Million USD so far. The eSports organization also has a Counter Strike, Global Offensive and League of Legends teams which are also outstanding in the field.
The organization has managed to secure sponsorships from Steelseries, Hyper X, and Twitch. OG has a 500K following on Facebook, 350K on Instagram, and 600K followers on Twitter.

3. Cloud9
This eSports team was created in US in 2012 and has managed to make the toplist of best eGaming organizations. Cloud9 has gaming teams for League of Legends, StarCraft II, Counter Strike and Dota 2. The Team has won Cash prizes from competitions worth above 33 Million USD.

Best eSports Teams WorldWide

The team has big sponsors like Amazon Catalyst, HTC eSports, BMW, Redbull, and Corsair Gaming. Cloud9 has a social media following of 1.1 M on Twitter, 625K on Facebook, and 723K on Instagram.
4. Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses was founded and launced in United States back in 1999. The team appears amongst the top due to its performance in games like Call of Duty and Dota 2. They also have popular streaming teams for Street Fighter, World of Tanks, and StarCraft II.

Evil Geniuses eSports has managed to win over 33 Million USD in tournaments and competitions they’ve partcipated in. EG is sponsored by Twitch, Monster Energy and Razer. They have a good following on Social Media and it’s been rising steadily over the past few years.

5. Fnatic
The Fnatic eSports team was created back in 2004 in the United Kingdom. Being amongst the Top 10 Best eSports Teams WorldWide in 2022, the team has participated in over 900 tournaments thus earning upto 16 Million USD in total. Fnatic has popular Gaming teams playing Dota 2, CS, and League of Legends.

The eSports team is sponsored by Hyper X, SteelSeries and Monster Energy.

6. FaZe Clan
This eSports team was founded in 2010 in the United States. The organization has gaming teams for Halo, H1Z1, Call of Duty, Counyer Strike, and Global Offensive. The team is considered toplist since it has competed in several competitions and managed to earn more than 9 Million USD prize money.

FaZe Clan is sponsored by Astro Gaming, Hyper X, and Monster Energy.

7. Team Vitality
The Team was founded in France in 2016 and has surprised other teams in the Top ranks by coming 7th in the list. This organization has a brand in France and Germany, competing in games like Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Hearth Stone, FIFA, GO, CS, Call of Duty and Trackmania.

Best eSports Teams WorldWide

8. Team Solomid
Based in USA, the Team Solomid was founded back in 2009. The eSports organization has teams competing in games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Melee, Supersmash Bros and Overwatch.
Being amongst the Top 10 Best eSports Teams WorldWide in 2022, Team Solomid has won upto 7 Million USD prize money so far.

The Team is sponsored by Vertagear, Twitch, and Hyper X sponsors.

9. 100 Thieves
Founded in 2017, this eSports organization is the newest, most successful gaming team in US. 100 Thieves eSports has teams playing Fortnite, Call of Duty, Clash Royale, Global Offensive and Counter-strike. The organization recently got a sposnorship from Nike. The team is partly owned by Drake, an eSports Enthusiast and rapper.

100 Thieves eSports has managed to win more than 3 Million USD Prize money in their past competitions which is impressive for a new eSports team. The Team is sponsored by Twitch, Adidas and Nike.

10. Team Secret
Founded in Europe, this eSports team has proven to be amongst the most successful Top 10 Best eSports Teams Worldwide in 2022. Team Secret has competed in several tournaments and won over 12 Million USD prize money in the past.
Team Secret eSports has teams playing Street Fighter V, Dota 2, PUBG, Hearthstone and PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds. The eSports team has sponsors like Logitech G and Twitch Prime.

Best eSports Teams WorldWide

Top eSports Teams Overall Earning Worldwide

  1. Team liquid-$38, 682,281.53
  2. OG- $35,741,450.09
  3. Evil Geniuses- $25,644,757.09
  4. Team Spirit- $19,959,324.51
  5. Virtus.Pro- $18,246,3225.79
  6. Natus Vincere- $17,938,869
  7. Fnatic- $17,540,218.29
  8. Team Secret- $16,291,924.33
  9. Paris Saint-Germain- $15,845,132.34
  10. Vici Gaming- $15,252,582.98

Top 10 Best eSports Teams Worldwide in 2022 FAQ’S

How can I start an eSport team?

To start an eSports team today, you’ll need a group of 5 to found your team. As soon as all members are on board, you’re recommended to begin investing capital in this project and market your brand on Social media platforms.

How can I join an eSports Team?

To join an eSports team, you’re required to make an application through the team’s administrators. If you qualify, you’ll be recruited in the team and begin your participation soon enough. You can search for open slots in eSports teams and clubs that favor your requirements and level of profession.

Which is the best eSports team worldwide in 2022?

The eSport Team Liquid is the best gaming team currently in terms of Prizes earned and the number of tournaments it’s participated in. This Netherlands eSports team has earner over $37 Million in the past years which is exceptional.

Which country has the best eSports Gamers in the world?

The country with the best eGamers in the world is China due to the country’s high level tech. In china, eSports earnings in US dollars can go upto $37 Million in a year. Here’s the top 4 countries with the estimated number of eSport players in the country:
1. USA- 3716
2. CHINA- 1105
3. Russian Federation- 943
4. Republic of Korea-915
5. Ukraine- 302

Who is the best eSports gamer in the World?

The best eGamer in the World goes by the username ‘Order’. His official name is Ceng Zehai and he’s Chinese in origin. Below is an illustration of the top 8 best gamers in the World:
1. Order (Ceng Zehai) – China
2. Paraboy Zhu Bojun
3. Jimmy (Xu Yinjun)
4. Coolboy (Zeng Ronghua)
5. King (Lin Yien)
6. Geomatrics (Emilio Cuevas)
7. Achieved (Mathew Solomon)
8. Beaulo (Jason Doty)

Who is the best YouTube Gamer in the world?

PewdiePie is the best and most influential YouTube gamer on the internet. He’s considered highly influential due to his high following of 105 Million subscribers on YouTube.

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