Programming is among the beneficial skills that have boosted advancement in technology in the day to day modern era. Due to the demand for skilled writers, most of the Kenyan schools that offer the program have ensured that they have revised their curriculums in order to match global standards. In Kenya, there are various schools that offer programming studies, and down below we have provided you with the Top 10 programming schools in Kenya. 

Unlike in the past, nowadays you are not required to travel long distances in order to be a great programmer. The schools that offer programming studies in Kenya are many, hence if you are interested in learning how to program, you can choose with ease. The ideal school for you should be in a position to provide the course or unit you are undertaking while you are adhering to the international standards. The following down below are the Top 10 programming schools in Kenya.

1.Moringa school 

This is one of the best schools in the country that offers programming studies. It offers among the better courses that have modules from basic to the complex ones, depending on what you want to study. Mornings school is also market-driven. The students present to learn the other programming aspects that include adapting to today’s world. Programming languages are also taught there making them perfect and well equipped for the competitive market. 

2. 2KO Kenya 

This school offers IT courses and diverse programming courses. The students that graduate from here can work wherever they want. It also has courses that are customized and aimed towards the market in Kenya. The courses that are taught there include Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Linux, and CompTIA. The students are also taught to become entrepreneurs. This means that the graduates can choose to start their own tech companies or pursue their career at a big tech firm. 

3.Computer Pride 

This is among the Top 10 programming schools in Kenya 2021 and is the oldest school that offers programming studies in Kenya. The school has managed to train many programmers over the years. The school offers various coding courses that include Java SE and C#. The best thing about the collage above is that it allows monthly intakes and has the best boot camps for coding in Kenya. 

4.Techcamp Kenya 

Tech camp offers boot camps and e-learning platforms for programming students. The students have learning schedules that are flexible instead of following the school calendar. Besides the learning modes, the school has a smooth entry process. Grades are not asked for new entries. The only thing you require is to show love and dedication for technology. 


The programming school mentioned above has an interest in Python, unlike the other coding languages. The school specializes in many languages and has instructors and professionals that are qualified and work in various fields. Unlike the other colleges, it has the other department teaching the other programs. Students can freely interact with other students pursuing different courses and create sustainable connections. 

6.Kwetu hub 

It is located in Kiambu, Juja. It started first as a business before converting into a school. It is independent and also skill-based. It has active instructors who are knowledgeable on the required skills or the obsolete skills. It is definitely among the Top 10 programming schools in Kenya in 2021. 

7. eMobilis Mobile 

 This is among the biggest programming schools in the country Kenya. It also has a big market for programmers, the niche for mobile programming is profitable and the students can create companies with ease unlike looking for employment. The school mentioned above provides the students with entrepreneurial courses. 

8.Africa Digital and Media Institute 

This school for programming is very keen on solving the technological problems in Africa. The school is most definitely among the best programming institutes in Kenya. It has two study modes. You can either study in regular school or rather distance learning. Both of the solutions are ideal thanks to improved infrastructure. It also offers app development courses. It allows you to create apps and also learn how to operate a digital company. 

9.iLab Africa 

This programming institute is the innovation hub that is affiliated with Strathmore University. It offers various short courses on various niches and is also a good research Centre. In case you happen to enroll in this institute, you will be in a position to program in different languages. It has various tech partners that offer the school technical support.  

10. Mvua Academy 

It is one of the best schools that offer programming studies in Kenya that its emphasis is based on practical learning. The instructors encourage the students and empower them to have a marketable skill set and how to better their codes. They also ensure that they help the students navigate the job market. 

The  Top 10 programming schools in Kenya mentioned and discussed above offers the students a range of good courses. Most of the mentioned courses are examinable have walkthrough events and have boot camps. The decision offered to the student’s exams validates learning and also improves their chances for employability.  

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