• The Teachers Service Commission finally affirmed teachers that the promotion interviews for 2419 qualified teachers are going to be aligned along the Teachers’ career Progression Guide (2018)
  • The interviews will be held by TSC from the 1st of November to 12th the same month at the County and Regional officers, said the commissioner

TSC announces Teacher promotion Interview dates

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TSC finally announced what has been long-awaited by the Kenyan teachers, the promotion to next grades interview dates. The head of the board quoted that the 2419 qualified teachers who managed to get shortlisted by the commission are eventually going to undertake their interviews come next month. The commissioner said that the interviews are going to be in line with the Teachers Career progression guidelines. The interviews will be carried out from 1st to 12th November at the specific County and Regional offices as well.

TSC announces Teacher promotion Interview dates

The 2018 Teachers’ Career Progression guidelines state that every teacher who’s qualified for the promotion is expected to undergo training in certain institutions allocated by the commission. After the set training, they can then be considered for promotions by the Teachers Service Commission. Back in January, the Commission had affirmed to teachers that it’s going to avail 1000 positions for promotions meant for the Diploma Teachers. The teachers will be able to access the promotion positions on the portal by the end of today.

This promotion announcement was made two months after announcing promotion strings for Secondary and Primary school Teachers back in December 2020. Previously the Teachers Service Commission used to consider promotions depending on the schemes of service whereby they kept an eye on merit and ability reflected by the teacher’s efforts, performance, results, experience, seniority, vacancy availability, as well as one’s professional qualifications.

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