TSC new ‘Monitor app Feature’ to curb Teachers Absenteeism in Kenyan Schools


• TSC introducing new ‘attendance monitoring’ feature on their TSC app to curb Teachers Absenteeism
• TSC making moves to digitalize its overall service executiom
• Elimination of Teachers attendance book registers to introduce online attemdance marking and accountability

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Previously, many schools across the Kenyan map were suffering Teachers Absenteeism when they’re supposed to have lessons. Some even ended up not showing up completely at school for their daily routine. Upon research and investigation, the Teachers Service Commission realized that this was becoming a big problem for the students and the schools’ performance as well. Therefore, the TSC introduced lesson registers which class secretaries and administators would sign to confirm attendance or indicate absence.

TSC-new-app-to curb-absenteeism

The register forms record the lessons’ time and duration, the specific teacher for a particular lesson, the date of attendance, as well as sign in and sign out timelines. However, the TSC CEO stated that the system might be eliminated very soon due to its inaccuracy and inefficiency in terms of data collecting. She highlighted that the commission is looking forward to upgrade the TSC software app to include application of ‘leaves’ whenever an individual is compromised to accomplish duty. Just like the online application and other features, the TSC app will be updated with other features that will improve online servicing. Hereby, the app will be improved to make sure that the monitoring feature is well developed to ensure that absenteeism is curbed completely.

Digitalizing the attendance monitoring service and other TSC services will improve the previous systems thus enhancing efficiency and easy service execution. This criterion will most probably improve the attendance levels of teachers in schools since the accountability will be held individually i.e. no middle man or party during register signing, just the teacher and the commission’s administrators. Will the new system work effectively to curb day-to-day absenteeism in Kenyan schools? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.#

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