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Through the TSC T-PAY portal, you can now easily access your TSc payslips online, Access the p9 forms and maybe send the payslip online to other third parties like the banks, saccos or even insurance companies. The TSC T-pay accounts need to be registered first.  However, the registrations are no longer done online. You need to visit your nearest county TSC office with a national identity card. Remember this applies to TSC employed teachers only. At the office, the TSC staff will register you online and give you a password that you will use to log in to the T-pay portal.

After the registration, the account is now ready for use and what you will need to in subsequent check ins is to log in using the password that is given to you during the registration. The next thing to do is to log in to the T-Pay portal. The process is easy and can be done from any suitable device that can access the internet. The following are some easy steps that you can follow during the process.

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  • First, you will need to visit the TSC website by clicking www.tsc.go.ke. A login prompt will appear where you will be required to enter the username. The username can be either the national ID number or the TSC number depending on how the registration was done.
  • After entering the username, now enter the password to complete the log in. After entering the password, click on log in.  There is no reason to be worried if you have forgotten your password. Just click on the forgot password tab and follow the easy steps that follow.
  • After a successful login, the page will redirect you to the TSC T-Pay dashboard. On the dashboard, the major components are the page menu items which will help in anvigation around the page. At this point, the login is successful and we can proceed to carry out others activities.

Updating information on the TSC online payslip login portal.

As required by the commission, the details on the T- pay portal should be updated regularly. To do this you need to ;

  • Make sure the photo on the portal is correct and confirmed according to the required size and format.
  • Update the phone number. A correct phone number that is working should be in the portal. You can change the existing one if it is not working or leave it ifit has no issues.
  • Confirm the email address. A valid email address is required too on the portal and you need to confirm that you have one on the portal. If there is no email on the portal, you can add one valid one. A confirmation email us usually sent after adding one to make sure it is valid. The email usually contains a validation code which you should trace and enter in the email validation box before clicking on validate email.

The above are the major details that we ought to be keen with during updating the details.

What’s on the T-PAY portal menu and how to use it

There area number if items that are on the menu that can help you find what you’re looking for, we need to be conversant with them. They include ;

  • View payslip

This is where we view the payslip. You may want to view the current payslip or even other slips that you might have received in the past. They are all available there and you aonly need to click on the month and year. All your payslips appear here and they are accessible.

  • View p9 forms.

The p9 forms are also available by clicking on the sub-menu view p9 form and they are useful in filling KRA returns.  The p9 forms are also accessible at any time.

  • Send payslip

The send payslip item is used to send any of your payslips to whoever you may want to s ND them to. This may include, saccos, banks, BBFs or even welfare associations. This is the item that may help you send them.

  • My transactions

On this item, we have all the active transactions that are associated with the TSC payslips. They could be active deductions or other transactions. You may also activate inactive transactions through this item.

  • My documents

This item gives you access of a the documents that are visible on the partial and that are maintained by the commission. You can view them here or make any updates where necessary.

  • Log out

This is the item that can enable you to exit the portal. After you are done with your business there. However it doesn’t mean that you exit permanently. You can always log in at any convenient time.

Download your TSC payslip online

To download your payslip, go to the view payslip menu and click on it. Select on the month and year of the slip you may want to view. Once you can access the payslip it’s easy to download it.

The TSC online login portal is not as complex and it might be so easy to use. What we need to know is the information above. The simple steps can help you  save a lot of time and get the payslips so easily.

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