TSC website www.tsc.go.ke

On the TSC website, www.tsc.go.ke, you just in for: TSC Latest News, TSC Online Payslips (T-pay), TSC Notices, TSC Downloads, TSC Online Services, and How to register TSC online payslips. Literally, everything that is related to the TSC is posted here and it is easy to find all the relevant information you need. However, we need to know how to find all these and how to get to every step in case there is something you need to work on while on the website. It might be updating information, doing an application, downloading payslips, or even applying for jobs. We will review the basic sections of this website and how to go about them when there is something we need to do. Continue to page 2

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  1. Catherine onyangi muhonja says:

    Please help me get information concerning teachers vie my new email, thanks

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