Two-bedroom house plan and designs in Kenya

If you want to save cash, you should consider two-bedroom house plans and designs in Kenya. Construction of these types of houses is very efficient and convenient. Two-bedroom houses are perfectly fitted for newly-wed couples, retirees residences, holiday homes, and rental houses.

Two-bedroom houses are comfier than studios and one-bedroom houses in general. To be in a good position to build a good house, you should be able to draw a good house plan which we will discuss in depth. Check here for a detailed breakdown of the cost of building a house in Kenya.

Two-bedroom house plan and designs in Kenya

Two-bedroom house plans

To build a good two-bedroom house in Kenya, you should be in a good position to draw a good house plan. A House should comprise a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and washrooms. You should make sure that each house sector is professionally distributed to accommodate the residents.

Two-bedroom house design plans

You can consider either putting simple designs at your house or rather complex designs that will definitely cost you a penny. Some people prefer to build lavish houses while others prefer to build small two-bedroom houses. Others may want bungalows or maisonnette.

Two-bedroom house plan and designs in Kenya

Two-bedroom modern house plan

2 bedroom Modern houses are in maisonnette types mostly. If the land size is small, these Modern house types are efficient for construction. As opposed to the bungalow house types, these houses are not squeezed. You can have enough space to accommodate your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Two-bedroom house plan and designs in Kenya

Two-bedroom house plan with an open kitchen

This house plan is for those that want to feel a sense of togetherness even when cooking. This house plan creates space and the bedrooms are far from each other. The land size should be considerable enough to accommodate all the facilities.

Simple house plan

A simple house plan comprises the biggest part which is the living space. It also contains a dining spot, and kitchen, and the bedrooms are spacious. You should also consider the cost of construction which contributes a great deal.

Two-bedroom house plan in Kenya

Simple house plan with a garage

If you have a car, you can consider a two-bedroom house with a garage. You should distribute your house sectors efficiently to provide enough space for your utility room and garage. This house plan is efficient for families.

Two-bedroom house plan and designs in Kenya

Factors affecting house construction in Kenya

  1. Land size.
  2. Construction materials.
  3. Budget at hand.


What does a house plan in Kenya exclude?

Rooms that include sitting and living room, kitchen, garage, and store are excluded when referring to more than two-bedroom houses.

Why is it better to build a two-bedroom house?

Most houses in Kenya are two-bedroom houses that are easily affordable to construct and efficient living spaces for families.

What is the cost of constructing a two-bedroom house in Kenya?

It will cost you around ksh.450,000 to Ksh1 million to construct a two-bedroom house in Kenya.

What is included in a house plan?

House plans include your foundation plan, floor plan, roof plan, exterior elevation, building sections, and construction notes.

What paper size is used in designing house plans?

The standard paper size for your house plan is generally 24 x 36 or 18 x 24.

Can one design his own house plan?

Most people when constructing their houses, tend to design their own house plans as they wish to, provided they are familiar with the design requirements.

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