Uhuru’s Secret call to Rail over Handshake


  • Raila has moved to calm his supporters over the rumors that the handshake wasn’t at its best health.
  • The move comes after close people to Raila hunted at a possible plan to shove Raila out of the plan.
  • Yesterday, Raila met with top party leaders and assured them of the stability of BBI and the full support the president has for it.

Detailed News

ODM leader, Raila Odinga has made a move to cool the anxiety and tension on BBI. Key Raila supported have claimed that there is a plan to elbow Raila out of the BBI plan.

Earlier on, governor Oparanya termed BBI bill as untenable now that the Kenyan economy has been severely impacted on by Covid-19. Junet Mohamed who is a key leader and supporter of ODM also claimed that there was a plan to shove Raila off BBI.

Rumor from ODM has it that Uhuru phoned Raila more that 2 times on Tuesday to affirm his inclusion in BBI. Yesterday, Raila held a meeting with the central commitee of ODM that was attended by the top ranking and close friends to ODM leader, Raila. The meeting which lasted for about 5 hours was reportedly a move by Raila to calm down the rumor that BBI was on a sinking ship.

After the meeting, the leaders confirmed that ODM still takes a strong stand to support BBI and they are still strong and central in the BBI bill.

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