This post is a complete guide for the University or Pretoria courses offered for individuals seeking to undertake certain programmes in UP.

This South African based university is also known as TUKS (in-house). It’s also identified as UP especially by international students. UP has become popular due to it’s elegance in the academic system since it has proven to deliver learning courses and professional faculties both physically and remotely.

University Of Pretoria Courses Offered

The University of Pretoria has a huge membership across the world which has been enhanced by its online learning management system. UP offers a wide range of Faculties for any interested students in South Africa and across the globe.

Courses and Programmes offered at the University of Pretoria

This institution offers up to 1,300+ courses on its several campuses in the world, holding a membership of around 53,000 students. These programs are available under 9 different faculties that operate alongside their business school.

The University of Pretoria offers these courses at Undergraduate, Postgraduate,  Degree, and even diploma levels. These levels have different qualification requirements which an applicant must achieve to be granted a space in UP.

Study Programmes at the University of Pretoria

  • UP Undergraduate Programme
  • UP Postgraduate Programme
  • UpOnline and Short-Term Programmes

UP Undergraduate Programme

Every Applicant looking forward to applying for an undergraduate degree at the University of Pretoria has a wide range of courses to choose from. All you need to qualify for a course is the respective qualification’s academic admission requirements.

Therefore, if you’ve already identified and chosen a specific course for your future career, contact the university for further instructions about your application.

On the other hand, an applicant can reach out to the university’s virtual campus for career and faculty selection advice. The Undergraduate program offers up to 123+ courses available for enrollment.

UP Postgraduate Programme

If an applicant already has an undergraduate degree, they can apply for a postgraduate degree at the University of Pretoria. The institution is popular for its academic support and exclusive research material most favorable for postgraduate degree students.

The Institution has a Virtual Campus platform that can help you choose your field of interest, the university’s academic services, and the application process for first-time admission.

University Of Pretoria Courses Offered

If you already have a course in mind, there’s a long list of 905 programs available at the UP postgraduate level.

UpOnline and Short-Term Programmes

In the Modern age, sectors like business, education, and even shopping have shifted their presence online due to the rapid technological evolution going on. Education has not been left behind during this transition. The University of Pretoria has recorded one of the most successful online learning management systems. This is evident from its vast admissions in UpOnline faculties which are offered in modules.

For first-time students, the university does six intakes annually. The student is expected to begin their course around 2 months after a successful application. A module can take up to 8 or 16 months with assessments at the end of each module.

This has given working/salaried students the ability to pursue their career choices part-time online easily without having to visit campus physically. One can study their postgraduate program online, earn an accredited certificate, and eventually graduate just like other students doing UP face-to-face studies.

University of Pretoria’s Degree Faculties Offered

Economics & Management SciencesEngineering, Built Environment, and ITFaculty of HumanitiesUP Faculty of EducationUP Faculty of Law
BAdmin Public AdministrationBEng Chemical EngineeringBABEd Foundation Phase TeachingLLB
BAdmin Public Management and International RelationsBEng Civil EngineeringBA AudiologyBEd Intermediate Phase Teaching
BComBEng Computer EngineeringBA Fine ArtsBEd Senior Phase, Further Education and Training Teaching
BCom Accounting SciencesBEng Electrical EngineeringBA Information Design
BCom EconometricsBEng Industrial EngineeringBA Languages
BCom EconomicsBEng Mechanical EngineeringBA Law BA Speech-Language Pathology
BCom Extended programBEng Metallurgical EngineeringBA Visual Studies
BCom Financial SciencesBIS Information ScienceBDram
BCom Human Resource ManagementBIS MultimediaBMus
BCom Informatics Information SystemsBIS PublishingBMus Extended program
BCom Investment ManagementBITBPolSci International Studies
BCom LawBSc ArchitectureBPolSci Political Studies
BCom Marketing ManagementBSc Computer ScienceBSocSci Heritage and Cultural Tourism
BCom StatisticsBSc Construction ManagementBSocSci Industrial Sociology and Labour Studies
BCom Supply Chain ManagementBSc Information & Knowledge SystemsBSocSci Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
BSc Interior ArchitectureBSW
BSc Landscape Architecture
BSc Quantity Surveying
BSc Real Estate
University of Pretoria’s Degree Courses Offered

UP Faculty of Health Sciences

  1. BCMP
  2. BCur Clinical Nursing Science, Medical & Surgical Nursing Science
  3. BCur Clinical Nursing Science, & Child Nursing Science
  4. BCur Clinical Nursing Science, Health Assessment, Treatment & Care
  5. BDietetics
  6. BNurs
  7. BOccTher
  8. BOH BPhysio
  9. BRad Diagnostics
  10. BSportSci
  11. MBChB

Faculty of Natural & Agricultural Sciences | UP

  • BConSci Clothing Retail Management
  • BConSci Food Retail Management 
  • BConSci Hospitality Management
  • BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics
  • BSc Applied Mathematics
  • BSc Biochemistry
  • BSc Biological Sciences
  • BSc Biotechnology
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Culinary Science
  • BSc Ecology
  • BSc Engineering and Environmental Geology BSc Entomology
  • BSc Environmental Sciences
  • BSc Extended program- Biological and Agricultural Sciences
  • BSc Extended program – Mathematical Sciences
  • BSc Extended program – Physical Sciences
  • BSc Food Science
  • BSc Genetics
  • BSc Geography
  • BSc Geoinformatics
  • BSc Geology
  • BSc Human Genetics
  • BSc Human Physiology
  • BSc in Human Physiology, Genetics, and Psychology
  • BSc Mathematical Statistics
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc Medical Sciences
  • BSc Meteorology
  • BSc Microbiology
  • BSc Nutrition
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Plant Science
  • BSc Zoology
  • BScAgric Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management
University Of Pretoria Courses Offered

University of Pretoria Postgraduate Courses offered

  1. Agricultural Economics
  2. Business Management
  3. Communication Management
  4. Econometrics
  5. Economics
  6. Financial Management Science
  7. Human Resource Management
  8. Human Resource Management and Labour Relations
  9. Informatics
  10. Internal Auditing
  11. Investment ManagementMarketing Management
  12. Mathematical Statistics
  13. Public Administration and Management Statistics
  14. Supply Chain Management
  15. Taxation
  16. Tourism Management

UpOnline Programmes & Short Courses offered

  1. Agriculture and Food Security
  2. Built Environment and Construction
  3. Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  4. Education and Teacher Development
  5. Engineering and Technology Management
  6. Environmental Management and Geophysics
  7. Financial Management and Taxation
  8. General Management and Leadership Development
  9. Human Capital Management
  10. Health and Health Care
  11. Information and Communication Technology
  12. Law and Human Rights
  13. Marketing, Communication, and Languages
  14. Project and Risk Management
  15. Properties, Retail, and Facilities Management
  16. Public Administration and Management
  17. Social and Religious Studies
  18. Sports, Tourism, Arts and Culture
  19. Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  20. Veterinary Science

The basic requirement for pursuing a postgraduate program in UP is having a relative Undergraduate degree in the respective field.

If you’re interested in pursuing any of the above University of Pretoria Courses offered for admission, you can begin your application for the respective faculty online. To begin your application, you can contact the university’s Virtual campus for assistance with your first-time application.

University of Pretoria Contacts

  • Telephone No: 012 420 3111 (Contact students)
  • Undergraduate Enquiries: +27 (0) 12 420 2040
  • Postgraduate Enquiries: +27 (0)12 420 2700, [email protected]
  • Email: [email protected]


Which Courses are available at the University of Pretoria?

Courses offered at the University of Pretoria range from Undergraduate programs, Postgraduate, and even UP Online Short term courses. Check our list of the courses available at the University of Pretoria to select your preferred Faculty.

How can I change courses at UP?

The application for changing your course at the University of Pretoria should be Written before the respective program’s closing date. The Student should send a written E-mail to [email protected], and indicate the course you’re anticipating to add. Remember, you’ll only be allowed only if the course has spaces

What are UP Quota courses?

Quota courses are the most popular courses at the university of Pretoria. Students can apply for or switch to a Quota course in UP. However, there’s always a limited number of Quota courses available for application. This makes the institution rank the students for qualification and only a few applicants qualify.

How many students are accepted into the University of Pretoria

In every academic year, the University of Pretoria admits up to 11,000 candidates from the total applicants. However, more applications are allowed in case of any vacancies or application appeals from unsuccessful applications.

Does the University of Pretoria have entrance exams?

To be admitted to study at the University of Pretoria, you’ll be required to perform a UPCAT Admission test upon a successful application. This test is usually done during the first weekend of each academic year. The entrance College Admission Test consists of subjects concerning language proficiency, Mathematics, reading, and science.

How long does the University of Pretoria take to reply?

15 Days
Upon submitting your UP admission application for processing, the University is expected to send you a student number via email if your application becomes successful. This might take up to 15 business days.

Where can I find UP application information?

If you wish to apply at the University of Pretoria, you can check the Registration Dates and additional information on the official UP website. You can however contact the institution to enquire using the following details:
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 012 420 5347
UP Online Chat: Chat Mothusi through your Student Portal

What happens if I fail a module at UP?

After failing a module at the University of Pretoria, the student will have to repeat the respective year of Study. If he/she fails the module again after repeating it, the student shall be excluded from UP and lose their admission right.

Are Applications at UP open for 2022?

To check whether the applications for admission to the University of Pretoria are open, you’re required to visit the UP official portal on the applications page to see programs available for that academic year.

How much is the UP Application fee?

During your Application submission at the university of Pretoria, you need to pay an additional application fee of R300 ($30) to validate the process. Failure to pay this fee might cause your application to be unsuccessful.

Can I Apply at the University of Pretoria while upgrading?

Yes, a student can still make an application a UP even when upgrading their marks. However, you’re recommended to reach out to EMS Faculty Admin for more qualification details regarding the program.

Can I Reapply to the University of Pretoria?

Absolutely, students have the freedom to reapply at UP even if they’re applying for the same course again. There are better chances for admission if you re-apply since this depicts your exclusive level of interest in a certain faculty or course.

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