UP Portal Login Online ClickUp Guide

If you’re a student in the University of Pretoria seeking how to access and navigate your student portal, this Up Portal Login Online ClickUp Guide is what you really need.

In the Past few years, the University of Pretoria has been admitting vast students not only from within the country, but also internationally. The University is popular for it’s huge membership and their exclusive online Learning Management System.

UP Portal Login Online ClickUp Guide

The University of Pretoria has managed to offer admission and deliver various faculties remotely to its students from all around the world. Students can access their learning resources and school services online using the virtual online classroom called clickUp.

UP Learning Portal Login

Our article today is a complete guide to how to access and navigate Pretoria’s Learning management system. ClickUp is the local (in-house) name for the platform. However, the commercial name for ClickUp is Blackboard.

To gain access to ClickUp, you will definitely need to be a fully registered Pretoria University student (must have Paid Registration Fees).

During your registration at the University of Pretoria in your first year, you’ll be given a Student Number and a Student Email Address.

UP Student Number and Email Address

During your admission at UP, you’ll be granted these two credentials. We advise you to memorize and keep your student number at your fingertips because it will be needed on important occasions and administrative processes. You could use your student number during tests and assignments, and recover your student email address.

  • UP Student number: u******** (Lowercase u then followed by your 8 digits)
  • UP Student Email: studentnumber@tuks.co.za (Administeref via Gmail)

We advise you to carry your Student ID every time you’re visiting the UP Campus to prevent being denied entrance to the University’s premises. If you’re a first-time student at the University of Pretoria, we recommend you take the ‘self-paced ClickUp’ orientation program.

Requirements to access ClickUp

• A functioning internet connection
• Internet Browser apps like Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox (Don’t use Edge/Internet Explorer)

UP portal login Online ClickUp

Up Portal Login Online | ClickUp

There are three procedures you can use to navigate clickup. Namely:
1. Via the UP Portal online
2. Directly via the clickUP URL
3. Using the Blackboard App

ClickUP Login via UP Portal

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Login to clickUP Portal via the UP portal

  1. Open Browser

    Make sure your internet connection is on then open your device’s browser

  2. Visit UP URL

    Type in the UP Homepage’s URL to visit the University of Pretoria’s official portal ( http:www.up.ac.za )

  3. MyTuks Login

    Click on MyTuks tab right at the top of the portal’s homepage

  4. Sign in using your Username and Password

    Use your student number as your Login Username eg. u12345678, and your Passport/ID number as your password if you’re signing in for the first time.

  5. Access your Student portal

    On your portal, you can move around and customize most portlets to make your user interface suitable as you desire. Hereby, you’ll see the ClickUp tab to redirect you to the platform.

  6. ClickUp homepage

    On your student portal, click on the ‘ClickUp homepage’ tab to open your ClickUp interface.

This is one Up Portal Login ClickUp Online method you can use to access your ClickUp. Remember to keep your created password secure since it can be used to access your student portal, clickUP, and your learning devices back on Campus.

If you’re signing in to your UP Student portal for the first time, click on the ‘New Users‘ Link to create and set up your Login security details.

UP Portal clickUP Login via clickUP URL

1. Open your phone’s internet browser
2. Type the clickUP URL http://click.up.ac.za/
3. Sign in using your UP portal Login details (Username and Password)
4. You’ll be redirected to clickUP home page

UP Portal Login Via Blackboard Mobile App

1. Go to your phone’s Playstore or App Store
2. Search ‘Blackboard App’
3. Download and Install the application
4. Search the name of your Institution i.e. University of Pretoria or ClickUP
5. log in to clickUP using your portal’s password and username

This is the third and last Up Portal Login ClickUP online method you can use to access your student portal.

ClickUp Portal Login

Navigating ClickUp Portal Guide

As soon as you sign in to your ClickUp portal, you have access to multiple features and actions on the page. You can however click on the clickUP tab at the top of your homepage to be redirected to the navigation help page.

Here are the few core Features for your UP Modules:

  • Courses- my Modules Navigation – Click on the ‘Courses’ tab on the menu to access your current UP modules. You can use the available functions on the screen to personalize your UP module list. Every course card reveals the module’s ID, Course Title, Lecturer(s), and even the course’s schedule.
  • Content Area – This is where the student can access files, learning material, allocated folders, and even quizzes.
  • Close Tab – Use the Close button to close a Module when you’re done.
UP Portal Login Online ClickUp

ClickUp Navigation Features | UP

clickUP iconStudents’ Help-page
ProfileChange and Customize your Name that portrays your online persona
Activity StreamsSee Real-time activities for specific modules
CoursesFind and Access your courses
OrganizationAccess any organizations you’re in or any that you lead
CalendarCheck Course events, deadlines and due dates for your UP activities
MessagesSend and receive messages in your UP Ultra modules
GradesView the grades for all modules
ToolsGain access to the university’s global functions such as portfolios.
Sign OutRemember to Sign out after every session on your Portal for security reasons
ClickUP Navigation Features | UP

Self-paced clickUP Orientation Course

As a new student at the University of Pretoria, you’re advised to take this self-paced course which will help you use and navigate the clickUP tools and interface.

Here’s how you can enroll in the ClickUP course:
1. Open your internet browser and visit http://clickup.up.ac.za
2. Use your Login Details to Sign In
3. On the Left side Menu on your screen, click on the Institution page
4. Select ClickUP self-paced Orientation
5. A Self-enrollment prompt page will pop up
6. Click Submit
7. The portal will indicate that you’ve been successfully enrolled

In this clickUP orientation course, you’ll acquire knowledge about, clickUP navigation, using Turnitin, accessing your UP e-mail, doing your assignments on ClickUP, and interacting with other UP students on the platform. Now that you’ve fully comprehended the UP Portal Login Online ClickUp Guide, you can access your University of Pretoria Student portal using your preferred approach.


How do I log in to my UP Portal?

The Procedure below is a simple step-by-step guide for logging in to your UP student portal:
1. Visit the page upnet.up.ac.za
2. Fill in your account’s username
3. Enter the Password
4. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to open your dashboard

How can I access my clickUP portal?

Here’s how UP students can access their clickUP using the clickUP portal URL:
1. Open your internet browser
2. Go to the ClickUP Page using the URL http://click.up.ac.za
3. Log in to your clickUP using your UP portal username and password
4. The clickUP homepage will pop up

How can I access my UP Student account?

Go to the Student center page and click on the ‘Student Centre’ Option. On the Finances page that pops up next, select the Student Finances tab, then go to ‘Tuition Account’ to view or print your full student account details.

How can I use my UP Connect?

To effectively use and access your UP Connect, your device has to be connected to an active mobile data network service such as Vodacom, CellC, Telkom, or MTN Network using your SIM card. Your device or phone’s data connection needs to be on. Remember to disconnect your device from any ADSL or Fibre network and connect to the recommended mobile networks.

What is my ClickUP Password?

Your clickUP password for signing in to your UP learning portal is usually the student’s ID/Passport number (First-Time Logins). Your clickUP username is the under case letter u, followed up by the respective UP student number. You can change your password by clicking the ‘New User’ tab after signing in for the first time.

How do I log in to my UP Student Email account?

Visit your UP portal using the link www.up.ac.za, then click my UP Login tab. Log in to your UP portal using your Login details then click the UP Google portlet on your page. You can now sign in to your UP student email using your username (uStudentnumber@tuks.co.za) and then enter your portal’s password.

How do I change my ClickUP Email address?

1. Click on the UP Profile icon at the bottom-left corner of your page
2. On the prompted Pop-up menu, click on the My Settings link
3. In ‘My settings’ enter your new email address or new password in the provided space
4. Click Save Changes to submit your new details.

How do I log in to Click Up?

To log in to your clickUP account, you need to be a fully registered UP student. Your default UP Login username is the under case letter u then follow up with your 8-digit student number.  During your first-time Login on clickUP, you’ll use your ID number or passport number as a password.

How do I register for clickUP account?

For a university of Pretoria student to sign up for a clickUP account, all you need to do is visit ClickUp.com and register for a Free account. Hereby, you can create your password during your sign up. A verification code will be sent to your Email to confirm your registration.

What is the clickUP mobile app?

The clickUP mobile app’s commercial name is ‘Blackboard’. To access the clickUP mobile app for UP students, you’ll have to visit your phone’s app store and search ‘Blackboard’. Install the Blackboard app, launch it, then search clickUP or the University of Pretoria, then log in to your portal using your UP login details.

How long does UP take to respond?

After a successful application for admission to the University of Pretoria (UP), it could take 15 business days to receive the UP Feedback. Upon receiving your UP Student number, you can now easily log in to your UP student portal.

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