Updated List of Best Maternity Hospitals in Garissa County

Updated List of Best Maternity Hospitals in Garissa County

This is a list of some of Garissa County’s best maternity hospitals and clinics with available contact information. Garissa County has a total of 126 health facilities, 7 of them being level four, 21 private clinics, 19 level-three facilities, and one level five facility. There are five mission health facilities and three non-governmental organization dispensaries. 

This list mentions a few of Garissa County’s best maternity hospitals without any rank or hierarchy. 

A precise list of best maternity hospitals in garissa

• Garissa Nursing Home 

• Tawheed Community Nursing Home 

• Sisters Maternity Home 

• Excel Health Services 

• Northgate Nursing Home 

• Garissa Mother & Child Care Nursing Home 

• Ankara Medical Centre 

• Alliance Medical Hospital 

• Bliss Medical Centre 

• Garissa Medical Centre 

• Garissa County Referral Hospital 

• Simaho mch/fp Clinic 

• Waberi Hospital 

• Antaliya Hospital 

• Modogashe Nursing Home 

• Habib Nursing Home 

• Anfac Nursing Home 

• Ijara District Hospital – Masalani 

• Hagadera Hospital 

• Iftin Sub-District Hospital 

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