Updated List of Mayfair Bank Sort Codes

Mayfair bank has been in existence in Kenya since 2017. It is one of the banks that operate in Kenya and like any other bank that operates in Kenya, it has a swift code and a five digit code that identifies the locations of all it’s branches. Mayfair bank has few branches in Kenya and so the sort codes are relatively few. 

The Swift code for Mayfair bank is MYBKKENA. After some time, the sort codes are usually reviewed and the public list of bank sort codes reviewed. Now we are specifically going to get deep into the available swift codes for the Mayfair bank. Remember the first two digits represent the bank code while the rest of the digits identify the branch code. For this case, the bank code for the Mayfair bank is 65. 

Mayfair bank is one of the banks that are licenced in Kenya which are basically 38. It was started in Kenya and a subsidiary bank of the Commercial international Bank which so far has managed to station five branchesin Kenya  since it was started. Is the updated list of Mayfair bank sort codes. 

List of Mayfair Bank Sort Codes

Brach code.                                              Branch name 

Main office.65000
Industrial area.65000 
Mayfair centre65002 
Eldoret branch. 65004

Those are the major branches of the mayfair bank and their sort codes. It’s important to have some  of this sort codes since they help us know where a certain a certain branch is situated.  

For more information on the bank, you can reach out the bank officials through any of the following contacts. 

Phone : 020 3951000, 0709 063000 

Email: [email protected] 

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