Looking for a job in Kenya today? Well, don’t mind because here at TK NEWS we got you. We took time to research, analyze and list the top jobs in Kenya today. Our list is updated on a daily basis after we have researched online and offline for the top best jobs that are available in Kenya every day. Check your best match below and send your application, you shall eventually land an office or casual job in Kenya today.

How To Apply And Get A Job Vacancy In Kenya Today

Kenyans understand that this error lacks enough opportunities for the vast labour force available in Kenya. Most Kenyan youths are equiped with skills and education that rarely lands them a job to reap the fruits of their hard labor. However, this is not to say that there are no jobs in Kenya and you couldn’t land one. Our list later on in this guide shall open your eyes to the numerous jobs available in the many Kenyan employer institutions and organizations. Here is a step by step guide on how to get a job in Kenya today.

  1. Be open, creative and flexible

    The first step to getting a job in Kenya today is opening up your mind and will to the different types of available job opportunities that we list later on in this article. As, mentioned earlier, most Kenyan youths are well educated and skilled, however most of them are fixed in their job preference and limited to few job openings that are hard to land. A job is anything that you can employ your skill, expertise and knowledge in exchange of money to cater for your life. Do not focus on your degree qualifications and a single area of expertise and expect to easily land a job in Kenya today. You have to be flexible, open and willing to explore and learn all fields of work be it casual or official. By the fact that you are a qualified administrator doesn’t mean that you cannot explore and try your luck in other non-administrative jobs including casual jobs. Change the thinking and focus on any labour input and target the end result which is money.

  2. Know your skill/expertise and qualifications

    When you go out to find a job, it is vague to just look around for a job. You need to first sit and list your skills, skills you are open to learn, fields you have expertise and are willing to work in. Narrow down to the skills and expertise that you are best in. This way, you can be certain about the specific places to search for a job in Kenya today.

  3. Document and organize your skills and qualifications set.

    You do not have to wait untill you see a job advertisement to put together your skills and qualifications. Sometimes you end up leaving out important details or even missing some. Do your homework, get your qualification documents and skills list in order. File them and have copied before going out to search for a job in Kenya today. Remember to ask for recommendations and also put together any achievement documents within your collection. Get recommendations from previous attachments and job positions. Get your skills, qualifications and achievements together as your set.

  4. Build a network

    Most people undermine the importance of creating a network before setting out to look for a job in Kenya. You need to have your connections and network set and outlined. Preferably, list all this contacts and their area of expertise where they can help you in your journey to getting a job in Kenya today. Your network should include people, institutions and organizations that you have previously interacted with and have a good track record with them. If you do not have a connection or network, then you need to start creating one, interact with people whenever you are out there, beginning from people you interact with when working, looking for a job, in church, your family and friends and so forth.

  5. Identify Your Matching Job Opportunities That Are Available In Kenya.

    Now that you have put your qualifications together and are open to jobs indiscriminately, it is time to check out to open job opportunities in Kenya that match your skill and qualification set. To know about available jobs in Kenya today, you shall check in our list of jobs in Kenya available later on in this guide. Mark and save the jobs that best suit you. Remember that you are just trying to find a job and the more you reach out and try, the more the chances of you landing one of them. Mark as many job openings as you can.

  6. Apply for available jobs in Kenya today.

    You now have everything set, it is time to start applying for the jobs you have sampled. Give each application time and take time to provide impressive and convincing information about yourself and your qualifications. Always remember that the employer is looking out for someone who is able and excellent to provide quality results in the position they are offering. Ensure then that you convince the employer-to-be that you can handle and produce excellent results like they desire and proof/show them how you are planning to help them. Wish you good luck in your search for a job in Kenya today.

List Of Available Jobs In Kenya Today

Organization/CompanyApply Job Link
The Teacher’s Service Commission Jobs In Kenya TodayApply Here
The Public Service CommissionApply Here
Judicial Service Commission Jobs In Kenya TodayApply Here
Ministry Of Transport in Kenya jobs todayApply Here
Safaricom Jobs In Kenya TodayApply Here
Royal Media Services Jobs In Kenya TodayApply Here
Jumia Jobs In Kenya TodayApply Here
Mabati Rolling Mills Jobs In Kenya TodayApply Here
MRM Mabati factory jobs in Kenya todayApply Here
Uniliver Company Jobs In KenyaApply Here
Telcom Job Vacancies In Kenya TodayApply Here
Airtel Job vacancies In Kenya TodayApply Here
Kenya Meat Commission Available Job Vacancies In Kenya TodayApply Here
NYS jobs available in kenyaApply Here
Kazi Mtaani Jobs Available In Kenya TodayApply Here
Kenya Police Jobs In Kenya Today
Kenya Defence Forces Jobs In Kenya TodayApply Here
United Nations Jobs In Kenya TodayApply Here
Red cross job vacancies in Kenya todayApply Here
feed the children job vacancies in kenyaApply Here
Table Showing Jobs In Kenya Today

Below is a comprehensive list of jobs available and open for application in kenya. Remember, we are not the ones that are offering this job positions, we only serve to find and put together job positions available in Kenya today from different third party employer with whom we have no influence or controll over their terms and policies. Check to fin the job that matches your field of expertise below.

Available Government Jobs In Kenya Today

The Teacher’s Service Commission Jobs In Kenya Today

The teacher’s service commission TSC, is the government body under the ministry of education responsible for recruiting, training and replying teachers, administrators, subordinate staff and other experts in Kenya.

Under Article 237(2) of the Constitution, the Commission is mandated to perform the following functions

  1. Register trained teachers
  2. Recruit and employ registered teachers
  3. Assign teachers employed by the Commission for service in any public school or institution
  4. Promote and transfer teachers
  5. Exercise disciplinary control over teachers
  6. Terminate the employment of teachers
  7. Review the standards of education and training of persons entering the teaching service
  8. Review the demand for and supply of teachers
  9. Advise the national government on matters relating to the teaching profession

Click here to view and apply available TSC jobs in Kenya Today

The Kenya Public Service Commission Jobs In Kenya Today

The public service commission is a government of Kenya commission with the mandate of recruiting Kenyans into the Kenyan public service job positions. Jobs here are many and include both office and casual jobs. Check the public service commission jobs open and available for application today.

Visit Here To View And apply For Public Service Commission Jobs In Kenya Today

Judicial Service Commission Jobs In Kenya Today

The judicial Service commission is the body set under the Judiciary Of Kenya to recruit and train the judiciary of Kenya labour force. Through the judicial Service commission, you can find and apply both casual and office jobs available in Kenya today.

View And Apply Jobs Available In The Jusiciary Of Kenya Today.

The Parliament Of Kenya Available Jobs Today

The Parliament of Kenya is part of the legislative arm of the Kenyan government. The Parliament of Kenya offers a lot of jobs, both casual and office jobs that you can view and apply today.

View And Apply For Parliament Jobs In Kenya Today

Ministry Of Transport Jobs In Kenya Today

Private Company Jobs Available In Kenya Today

Private companies in Kenya are a great contributor to employment opportunities in Kenya. In private companies, there are many casual and office jobs that you can apply for and get in Kenya. We compiled resources to help you get private company jobs that are open for application in Kenya.

Safaricom Company Jobs In Kenya Today

Safaricom is a Kenyan telecommunications company that ranks among the top employers in the country. Safaricom offers many jobs in different fields in Kenya, bit office and casual.

View And Apply For Safaricom Jobs In Kenya Here

Royal Media Services Jobs In Kenya Today

The royal Media services is a media and telecommunications company in Kenya that offers employment to thousands of Kenyans. In the royal media services company, you can find office and casual jobs today to fund your life.

View And Apply For Jobs Available At Roya Media Services Today

Jumia Jobs Available In Kenya Today

Jumia is an e-commerce company that employs thousands of employees in the vast job positions available in their company. This is one of the companies where Kenyans can secure employment today.

View And Apply For Jumia Available Jobs In Kenya Today

Uniliver Company Jobs Available In Kenya Today

Search for your dream job, Search for a role that equips you with the tools you need to deliver pioneering products to the world. And embark on a journey that takes you from ambitious entrepreneur to global tastemaker. Be a force for change and a force for good. Find the career for you.

View And Apply For Uniliver Jobs In Kenya Available Today

Simba Cement Company Available Jobs In Kenya Today

View And Apply For Simba Cement Available Kenya Jobs Today

Mabati Rolling Mills Jobs Today

NGO Jobs Available In Kenya Today

Non government organizations in Kenya have an history of providing Kenyans with lucrative jobs with fair salaries. Many Kenyans are running to grab these opportunities making the competition high in this field. We have put together resources to help you get the available jobs in NGOs in Kenya today.

View Job Vacancies Available In The United Nations Here

View Jobs Available In Red Cross In Kenya Today Here

Feed The Children Jobs Today

Available Online Jobs In Kenya For Students Today

Expenses in the university are always on the high. Legit online jobs in Kenya for campus students come in to save the situation. There are a number of student-friendly online jobs in Kenya that you can do to earn that extra income. That said, there are a number of scam websites that might end up exploiting your labor in vain. Below, we compiled the best proven online jobs in Kenya for campus students.

1. Online writing jobs

Writing is a popular way of making money online for campus students. You can either choose to be an academic or an article writer. After you settle in your area, you need to join a platform for online writing jobs. There are a number of websites that offer student-friendly writing jobs like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, and many more.

Expect a pay of averagely $5 per page for academic writing and about $10 per 1000 words article. Most of these sites pay via Paypal and so far only Upwork has a provision for m-pesa payment option.

If you are serious about writing and want to make money, this e-book is for you.

2. Become a vlogger on u-tube

You can create a free u-tube account and make videos for people to watch and get paid through adsense. Adsense and u-tube both belong to google. Google places ads on your videos and when people view and click them, they share advertising revenue with you.

The revenue you get on u-tube depends on the number of views and clicks on ads shown on your videos. However, before google starts placing ads on your you-tube videos, you have to get above 1,000 subscribers and atleast 4000 watch hours to your channel.

3. Make money as a blogger

Blogging is a good way for campus students to make money online. For blogging, you need to have a self-hosted website, you shall then be required to post articles and information on a topic of your choice and attract traffic. You can earn from blogging in many ways, through Adsense, selling products directly, and through affiliate marketing.

For you to understand blogging and get into the multi-million business, you can take this e-book and get to work.

4. Become a virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is an easy student-friendly online job for students that pay well. The tasks of a virtual assistant are relatively easy, you manage other people’s work such as replying to emails, setting up appointments, maintaining their blog, and much more. Virtual assistance jobs can be easily found on websites such as Upwork and Fiverr.

5. Online tutoring

As a student, you have an understanding of certain topics in your field. You can easily make money online by offering to tutor students online. There are a lot of sites that shall help you start tutoring online including Buddy school, trans tutors.

6. Transcribing

Transcribing is a lucrative online job that students can do and earn money in their part-time. Transcribing involves converting audios into written text. If you are good at typing, listening and have a good command of the language, especially English, then this is an online job for you. You can get transcribing jobs on a number of websites, like Upwork, speech pad, scribble, and others.

7. Data entry online jobs

Transcribing is an easy, full time or part-time online job for students. Transcribing needs an understanding of basic computer and English. It involves filling forms, repetitive tasks, copy-pasting data, transferring data, and much more. There are a number of websites that you can join and start transcribing for cash.

8. Become a social media influencer

This is a great part time opportunity for students to make money online. If you have a large following on your social media handles, you can start pitching for advertisement of individual and company products at a fee.

Must have Freelancing E-Books


Which Jobs Are In Demand In Kenya?

We have listed the most in demand office and casual jobs that companies and organizations in Kenya is trying to hire. View and choose the job that is most fit for you in Kenya. We also included a precise guide on how you prepare and get a job in Kenya. Scroll above to View.

How can I get a job fast in Kenya?

To get a job fast in Kenya, you must take a little time to put your skills and qualifications together. Use our manual in the above guide on how to get a job fast in Kenya today.

Which career is the best for me in Kenya?

The best career for you in Kenya is that which you have requisite skills and qualifications needed to work in a professional manner. Better still, choose a career in Kenya that you are at ease doing, do not force on yourself a career with too much aim on monetary gain.

How do I find a job vacancy in Kenya today?

To find a job in Kenya, you need to read the manual in our guide above. After this, check out the available vacancies in Kenya today that we have included above and apply for the positions that suit you most.

How Can I Get A Job Immediately In Kenya?

In order to get a job immediately in Kenya, read our guide on how to get jobs in Kenya today. We have also listed a list of the available jobs in Kenya today.

What are your qualifications in a job application in Kenya?

Qualifications are the skills you have that are certified and you are an expert in.

How much can you earn working online while studying?

Working online doesn’t have specific earnings, it widely depends on your field of expertise and the time you put into it and the experience. While some people take working online as their full time job, others take it as a part time job, for a student, it shall have to be part time since you have your studies to take care of.

Can students work online and study at the same time?

This shall depend on the course you are taking in the university. Generally,. courses that are more demanding shall not allow you to work online. If you are taking a course that allows you some free time, the online jobs for students are for you.

What are the advantages of working from home in Kenya

Working from home in Kenya is flexible and a great opportunity especially for parents and students. Working online also gives you great financial freedom since you get to decide your earnings. Below are some e-books to start you off as a freelancer.

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