Video of Man shot dead in Subaru along Thika road


  • Man shot in broad daylight in Thika-road Ruiru
  • Subaru driver chased and shot in Gwa Kairu Juja
  • Video of Subaru Driver gunned down in Thika highway
  • Click to watch the video below

Detailed News

A man has been shot in Thika road after being involved in a chase with the other party whose identity is still unknown. Apparently, witnesses on view claimed that the victim was hit by approximately 10 bullets since confirmed shots fired on target were up to sixteen shots. This incident happened in Gwa Kairu Ruiru/Juja around the afternoon today. 

The victim was still alive on spot and he was rushed to Thika Hospital Level 5 to be rescued. According to witnesses, the Thika road shooter has been considered trained since the stunts he pulled were considered professional. Many Kenyans are becoming worried about security since this scene happened in broad daylight.

Click here to watch video

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