Video of Oscar Sudi Dancing to reggae – “Sisi ni watu wa reggae”

Oscar Sudi, a Tanga Tanga allied member of Parliament for kapseret yesterday dropped by a popular club in Eldoret. Accompanied by his friend, businessman Allan Chesang, Sudi took over entertainment duties and hyped dancing to reggae music

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Now, reggae music in Kenya has been associated with the BBI team and those in team Tanga Tanga which has affiliations to Willia Euro are assumed not to like reggae music. However Oscar Sudi denounced such claims saying that those in Tanga Tanga including the DP are reggae music lovers.

Oscar Sudi said that they at Tanga Tanga love reggae music but not the remodeled reggae version of the BBI amendment bill which is supported by their, as per now, to be oppenents and the current president.

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