Video of US Kentucky Deadly Tornado-Many Confirmed Dead as Tornado Hits Southern & Central USA

Video of US Kentucky Deadly Tornado-Many Confirmed Dead as Tornado Hits Southern & Central USA


  • Central and Southern states of USA have experienced one of the most devastating and remarkable tornados which will be memorable forever in US history.
  • The Fierce Tornado which hit five states in USA has caused huge damage and at least 100 are feared to be dead right now in Kentucky, Mayfield.
  • The US Government has sent response teams and troops to the affected areas to conduct rescue operations and set up rescue centres/homes for the victims to this tragedy.
  • President Joe Biden came forward and declared a state of Emergency and launched an Emergency Aid operation for Kentucky. The US Federal government has affirmed Americans that they’ll do whatever it takes to support those who’ve been affected.

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Full Story Video of US Kentucky Deadly Tornado

The US Kentucky Deadly Tornado Breaking News comes with so much anguish since many families have lost their loved ones and many have been left injured from the disaster. Many people have been reported missing in Kentucky, at least 70 confirmed dead in the US Kentucky Deadly Tornado as rescue teams go on with the search since many have been burred and covered by debris from the collapsing houses in their regions. More than 5 states have been affected by this deadly catastrophe.

US Kentucky Deadly Tornado
Deadly Tornados sweep the Midwest

The Kentucky Governor Mr. Andy Beshear came before the press on Saturday morning and stated that the rescue process had only begun and the numbers might grow bigger as time goes by. He’s so affirmative about this since the tornado is said to have covered up to 400 miles thus leaving a huge number of occupants helpless.

White House- Joe Biden declares Emergency on Kentucky

Upon the devastating Tornado tragedy experienced in Kentucky from Friday evening to Saturday 11th December 2021, the citizens of the United States of America and the world is grieving for the affected families and individuals taken away by this inevitable disaster.

On Saturday the President appeared before media and press to buck up Americans during these difficult moments after losing a number of their brothers and sisters during a fierce tornado that ripped Kentucky and affected other states as well. He said that the United States Federal Government will fold their sleeves and do everything that will be requisite to see the state up to its feet again. He also affirmed Americans that he was ready to assent to more Emergency declarations from other states upon their arrival at hand.

Tornado Hits Amazon Warehouse- At least 4 dead

An Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois was also crushed down by this scary twister whereby more than six deaths have been reported so far. The Warehouse’s authorities also reported that at least 40 had been rescued from the collapsed facility after the 100-feet wall crushed down to burry around 100 people in the Amazon warehouse.

Kentucky Tornados-How many people died in Mayfield City

Kentucky’s Governor reported that this catastrophic series of tornados which hit Kentucky managed to stay on the surface for upto 250 miles or even more and left approximately 60,000 Kentucky residents helpless. He claimed that the city of Mayfield was the most affected since a Candle Factory in the area came down, burying more than 100 Workers who were offering labor in the factory.

The Mayfield Fire department assistant announced that they were going to set up a temporary home for their main fire station occupants since it was swept down and left inoperable by this horrifying twister.

5 people were left with serious injuries and 1 reported dead in a Nursing Home in Arkansas was ripped by the tornado. As reports and searches went on in premise and initially two have been confirmed dead.

US Federal Emergency Management Agency sends Rescue Troops

During a Press conference, Michael Dossett (Kentucky Emergency Managing Director) concluded that the storm was a massive natural disaster that will leave wounds in many Americans’ hearts. He however made an affirmative that the government will avail adequate resources for the rescue operations and searches going on for timely updates concerning the catastrophe. He later added that full details about this heartbreaking events will be reported and revealed before dawn. The emergency agency has sent trucks and teams to offer a hand to the affected families across Kentucky.

Mayfield Police station swept by Tornado

The Head of Mayfield Police Department revealed that their police station was also flattened down by the terrific tornado which ended up destroying their communication technology network and even vehicle fleets. He however warm-heartedly asserted the Kentucky citizens that this won’t stop them from making emergency responses to the situation and residents in need of their Helping hand.

Kentucky Mayfield Tornado- Kentucky Town 7 P.M Curfew

The department assured the residents that the police will conduct a 12-hour schedule and shifts to cover for any emergency calls and needs on a punctual basis. The Chief of Mayfield Police launched a new 7 P.M curfew for the Kentucky town residents to give the responders an easy time serving those who’ve been hit by this remarkable disaster.

The Company’s administration stated that their main focus is going to be supporting the affected staff’s family members and offering them an aiding hand during this difficult times of their lives. There has been a series of around 30-35 tornados reported sweeping across streets in the Midwest.

Tennessee, Missouri Tornado- At least 2 deaths & Damages

A Tornado ripped down a Fire department in Sandburg damaging the premise severely. The Tennessee Emergency agency spokesman also reported at least two deaths connected to the deadly twisters. Two residents have been confirmed dead in Lake County while 1 died in Obion county as well.

3 other residents were rescued in Missouri and at least one death confirmed in Missouri whereby building structures were swept down by the tornado which possibly touched down.

Our Condolences to Affected Kentucky residents- Our Hearts are with You

Let’s remember to keep the victims and families of the Kentuckians and other Americans affected by this catastrophe in Prayers during this tough times. We send our condolences for the Lives lost during this inevitable catastrophic weather conditions overnight. The President has assured the affected areas that the government is going to provide steady response and assistance to fellow Americans who are facing this disaster. We shall bring all the updates concerning this devastating nightmare (US Kentucky Deadly Tornado) as soon as they come. Stay tuned!


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