Wanjoro’s Funny reply about the ‘Overtiled’ houses

Today, Kenyans on social media have expressed their concerns over the over-tiled houses. In pictures that went viral on social media, the houses are seen to be tiled all over including the walls. Kenyans raised concerns in humorous comments. According to some comments, the houses are located in lower kabete.

This didn’t go quite well with one of the landlords who has since then identified herself as wanjoro. In a video meant purposely for her reply to the ‘overtiling’ concerns, wanjoro asks the people sharing the property pictures to shut their mouths. She notes that the houses cost her money to build and furnish. She further notes that those raising concerns over the properties have no property, not even a toilet.

Below are some of their comments;

Edna Nyangaresi ‘The last pic is moving ama niteme hii jaba’

Tom Tambo I am normally in a position to assist clients in the choice of tiles………….for rentals I suggest plain colors but we mostly end with above.I believe there is something I don’t know about tenants.’

Shiro Shantel This houses are in lower kabete… Aki they made me dizzy

Nancy Kanyang’or Unatumia stairs unakanyaga python,ukiingia sito cobra,kidogo kidogo kitchen omieri ndio hiyo. Saitaaaaan

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