What are the pedestrian laws and fines for violations in Qatar?

Of all road users, pedestrians are at a higher risk in the event of an accident, as they are more prone to severe or fatal injuries. This is because pedestrians are unprotected. As much as drivers are expected to stay alert on the road, pedestrians are also equally responsible for their safety. Pedestrians should comply with all traffic laws in Qatar. This article is a guide on the pedestrian laws and fines for violations in Qatar.

Pedestrian Laws in Qatar

In accordance with Law No. 19 of 2007 regarding traffic laws in Qatar (road rules for pedestrians)

pedestrian laws and fines for violations in Qatar

Article 60

  • Pedestrians are forbidden from walking in the middle of the road or in places designated for cyclists where pavements are available. (carriageway/roadway contains the main road which vehicles are not restricted or barred by any physical means)
  • Pedestrians are to use sidewalks wherever they are present
  • Where pavements are absent, pedestrians are to walk on the far right-hand side of the road, in the direction opposite to the flow of traffic to enable them to be able to see oncoming vehicles. Pedestrians may walk on the far-right hand side of the road, even if vehicles are coming from behind, as long as they are cautious.
  • When walking on the carriageway outside cities, pedestrians are to walk on the far side of the carriageway, in the opposite direction to the traffic flow and are to walk behind one another whenever possible.
  • Authorized infantry processions and convoys are exempted from the above statement. They are to be on the far-right hand side in the direction of traffic, as well as pedestrians pushing other things.

Article 61

  • Pedestrians are to cross the carriageway with caution, at safe places that do not expose them to danger or block vehicular traffic. Pedestrians are to use the nearest transit route for them if available or take the shortest route relative to them and the approaching vehicle and its speed.

Article 62

Pedestrians are to observe the following when crossing to the other side of the carriageway;

  • Pedestrian traffic lights if available and are indicating that it is safe to pass
  • Pedestrians aren’t to cross as long traffic police are instructing vehicles to pass

Pedestrians may not penetrate the ranks of military or organised groups operating under the supervision of responsible persons or any other authorised processions and convoys. Pedestrians are to observe traffic rules all times at all times.

pedestrian laws and fines for violations in Qatar

Penalties for pedestrians who do not abide by traffic laws

If a pedestrian does not follow the above-stated laws, then they will be subject to penalties by the traffic police. Below is the kind of penalty or fine you may get for breaking the traffic laws. (QNA; MOI)

  1. Walking on the middle strip of the road, or in places set aside for cycling only, and other forms of non-compliance at the end of the road against the flow of traffic will attract a fine of QR100
  2. Crossing without taking necessary precautions at the main section (intersection) of the road will attract a fine of QR200
  3. Crossing outside designated crossing areas such as zebra crossings will lead to a fine of QR200
  4. Crossing without following traffic signs or taking the necessary precautions at the main section (intersection) of the road through assigned places will be fined QR500
  5. Not following directives by traffic police when they signal for vehicles to move QR500.
  6. Breaking through military convoys and processions QR 500.

National Road Safety Strategy Qatar

The National Traffic Safety Committee released its National Road Safety Strategy on the 13th of January in 2013. Its main aim was to enhance the state’s commitment to increasing road safety and ultimately reducing road accidents. They aim to reduce traffic-related deaths to 130 and the number of serious injuries from accidents to 300 by the year 2022.

pedestrian laws and fines for violations in Qatar

Here are a few active measures that have been taken to all Pedestrians in Qatar are safe.

  1. According to the National Road Safety Strategy 2013-2022 to enhance the safety of pedestrians, The state of Qatar is;
    1. implementing campaigns on pedestrian safety.
    1. Increasing road safety education to the youth in schools and colleges to increase awareness.
    1. Improving road design to improve pedestrian safety
    1. Consistently providing complete pedestrian footpaths and crossings
    1. Identifying roads that need to be improved for pedestrians to increase their general safety
    1. Promoting the use of vehicles that are less likely to collide with pedestrians.
    1. Encouraging the use of high visibility reflective clothes and apparel for pedestrians at night.
    1. Strictly enforcing traffic laws (including speeding offences) to increase the safety of pedestrians.
  2. Actions are taken for road workers in Qatar

The people working on roads are at great risk of being involved in accidents and therefore they also have to be protected as well. The state of Qatar is taking the following measures to ensure the safety of the workers according to the National Road Safety Strategy 2013-2021).

  • Implementing the development of new approaches to guidance and management procedures to increase the safety of road workers on the highway.
  • Putting enforcement mechanisms in place to ensure road users comply with safety management procedures
  • Improving speed management by introducing new or lower speed limits at work zones.
  • Developing guidance for both employers and employees on road worker safety.
  • Training contractors on work zone safety as well.
  • Introducing training on driving through work zones into the driver training course and the driving test.

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