List Of Wholesale Cement Suppliers In Kenya

  1. 1. Bamburi cement
  2. East African Portland cement
  3. Mombasa cement limited
  4. Savannahs cement
  5. ARM cement limited

Cement is among the crucial necessities in construction and over the years has risen up in demand. As many people in Kenya have opted to invest in the real estate business, cement is needed in large quantities which are supplied by various cement companies around Kenya.

Wholesale cement suppliers in Kenya

List of cement companies in Kenya

There are many cement companies in Kenya that supply cement all over Kenya in wholesale quantities. Down below is a list of the top cement companies in Kenya.

1. Bamburi cement

It is one of the oldest and best cement supplier companies in Kenya. It was founded in 1955. Together with Nguvu brand, they own 40% of the market share.

2. East African Portland cement

It is among the best cement distributors in Kenya. It began as a trading firm that used to import cement from the UK.

The company worked as an agent of Blue Circle industries in the UK. It was given the name Portland due to the similarity in the color of the cement from the Portland stone mined in England.

East African Portland cement

3. Mombasa cement limited

Mombasa cement limited

It is among the best cement companies in Kenya, specializing in the manufacture of various construction materials. Its headquarters is located in Mombasa, with stations in Kilifi and Athi River. The company was previously privately owned, but as of 2017, it partnered with Mombasa county.

4. Savannahs cement

Savannah cement company is owned by private investors that have managed to bring the firm to an estimated value of 10 million. Savannah cement company is located in Nairobi and produces around 2.4 million tons of cement each year.

Savannahs cement

5.ARM cement limited

Previously known as Athi River cement limited, is one of the largest cement distributors in Kenya, and contributed to the largest economy in East Africa. Its headquarters are located in Nairobi.

It produces around 2.4 million tons of cement annually, although the expansion of the plant has been put in place to provide 5 million tons annually.

ARM cement limited operates in different countries including Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania. It also produces different industrial materials that include QuickTime, cement, and fertilizers.

ARM cement limited

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of a cement bag in Kenya?

A bag of cement in Kenya is around ksh.500 to ksh.600.

What is the price of Bamburi cement?

A bag of bamburi cement costs around ksh.600 to ksh.770.

Who is the owner of Bamburi Cement?

Bamburi cement company is owned by Lafarge company, one of the biggest industrial companie in East Africa has been in operation for more than 60 years.

How many cement bags can build a 3-bedroom house?

You will require around 70 bags of cement to build a 3-bedroom house in Kenya.

How much does it cost to hire a lorry of sand in Kenya?

It will cost you around ksh.40,000 for 20 tonnes of sand brought by a lorry to your construction area.

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