You can still move in and out of Nairobi and the other 4 locked down Counties- Government extends the Lockdown deadline


  • Physical learning suspended
  • Government considers locked out individuals by widening the deadline
  • Deadline moved to Sunday 8 PM

Detailed News

Following the recent lockdown administration in Nairobi and four zoned counties, i.e. Kiambu, Nakuru, Kajiado and Machakos; all institutions had to cancel their physical learning programmes and shift to their online platforms. The government had banned movement in and out of these zoned counties by yesterday midnight leading to many people getting locked out of their habitats.

Luckily, the Government has considered such cases and extended the lockdown date and time to March 28th, Sunday 8PM. Anyone locked out during the cessation is expected to relocate to their comfortable locations by Sunday 8PM.

Cyrus Oguna (Government’s spokesperson) brought this good news to any Kenyans who might have compromised following the lockdown administration of Friday 26th. This extension has given a chance to students and travellers since they all have up to 36 hours at hand to move freely in and out of the five counties.

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