Young Dolph Dead- Shooting Surveillance footage and Photos of suspects released

Young Dolph Shooters Caught On Camera


  • Surveillance video and Photos of Gunmen who shot and Killed Rapper Young Dolph released.
  • Police release Surveillance Video retrieved from the Makeda’s Cookies shop showing two gunmen shoot and kill Young Dolph.
  • Young Dolph’s Shooting Video and photos released a day after the Incident

Detailed News

Who Killed Young Dolph?- Shooting Surveillance footage and Photos of suspects released

Memphis Superstar Rapper Young Dolph was shot several times in his hometown on Wednesday afternoon at a local cookies shop when buying a few snacks. The police arrived at the scene later and secured it to begin investigations immediately. The cookie shop had to close down due to the unfortunate and senseless incident which had shocked the whole of Memphis.

Shooting Surveillance footage and Photos of suspects released

The police managed to retrieve a surveillance footage from the shop which showed two gunmen come out of the car and sprayed bullets to into the shop towards Young Dolph who had packed his Car outside the shop before going in.

The Surveillance footage for Young Dolph’s shooting incident showed two men who were wearing dark-black hoodies, grey sweatpants and facemasks firing using automatic rifles.

Young Dolph Shooting Incident Suspects Photos

The two men stood a few yards from Young Dolph’s car at the parking lot whereby one of them held a pistol while the second one had an AK47 Pistol (Draco). The two gunmen who killed Young Dolph were seen leaving in a getaway light-colored vehicle which appeared to be a Mercedes Benz.

Apparently, the police have not managed to arrest any suspects. However, the footage video for the shooting scene is authentic  and steady photos of the shooters from the scene have been released. After the shooting scene, the police were seen heading to Yo Gotti’s restaurant. It’s still however unclear if  the police hold any threats or allegations against the Popular ‘Rake it up’ Rapper Yo  Gotti.

The Police have launched a heavy manhunt in search of the suspects on the surveillance footage recovered from the shooting scene. The Police department asserted Young Dolph’s fans that they are going to do their best during the investigation with a goal of eventually arresting the ruthless gunmen and bringing them before JUSTICE.

Meanwhile, we send our condolences to Young Dolph’s Family and Friends during this tough and Heartbreaking period. Rest In Peace Young Dolph; Your career was MAJOR and Honorable.

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